Transportation of goods

  • We transport the goods of various types
  • Full load cargo
  • Partial load cargo
  • Transportation of goods requiring the special temperature conditions
  • Import of goods
  • Export of goods


Customs procedures

Client representation in customs.

All customs procedures related to transportation of goods.

Storage services

We provide the following warehousing services

  • Long-term storage of goods
  • Short-term storage of goods
  • Cargo operations
  • Measurements
  • Other storage services

Logistics Services

Logistics services

Export/import of goods with/without special temperature conditions in refrigerators, tautliners, roadtrains and containers to/from the countries of the European Union and CIS.

Transport vehicles

All vehicles are equipped with tracking systems, navigational facilities and thermographs. They also meet Euro-5 and Euro-6 ecological requirements..

We are always aware of our vehicles locations


Every employee has a detailed work description and instructions; has enough experience and qualification in order to achieve quickly and efficiently the determined tasks.

We are available during 24 hours!